In days of old, maps were often incomplete, reflecting the limits of  exploration. It was not uncommon to see “Beyond here there be dragons” written at the edge of a map. Organizations that are working for a global future that is more just, equitable and sustainable are deeply challenged; they must often push the boundaries of their own experience and knowledge and innovate in ways that take them into new territory. Insights in Action, Inc. exists to help them tame the dragons of the unknown.   HOME



Insights in Action typically engages at the point that Board and staff have perceived the need to undertake a significant innovation in the organization’s approach or structure. We help refine vision, mission and strategy; develop robust implementation plans; and find new partners and resources. In short, we give our clients the tools and help they need to translate their insights into action.  HOME


As our name implies, Insights in Action’s approach is very hands-on. We do not advise from a distance or stop with recommendations. Instead, we act more like adjunct staff.  We take on real responsibility for designing and facilitating planning processes and key meetings,  identifying and approaching potential partners and donors, designing and delivering capacity-building training, and launching new initiatives.   HOME


Help for International Development Organizations

Are you a governmental, intergovernmental, for-profit, or non-profit/non-governmental organization that works internationally in the field of humanitarian or development assistance? We can help you plan for and achieve new kinds and levels of impact, find and engage new partners, and leverage new resources. READ MORE...

Help for Transformational Nonprofits and Donors

Are you a nonprofit organization or funder that is committed to transforming the world by joining outer work to alleviate suffering with inner contemplative work that gives rise to greater mindfulness, compassion, and a vibrant living awareness of interdependence and Oneness? We share that commitment and would love to work with you. READ MORE...

About Our Company and Our President

Insights in Action, Inc. was founded by Deborah McGlauflin in 1994. Since then, it has been engaged -- often repeatedly -- by more than 50 diverse organizations working to create a better world. Insights in Action is based in Annapolis, MD USA on the shores of the beautiful Chesapeake Bay, close to Washington, DC. READ MORE...

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Featured Client

The World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) promotes a sustainable cocoa economy through economic & social development and environmental stewardship in cocoa-growing communities. Its more than 100 member companies represent 80% of the global cocoa market.

WCF partners to maximize benefit to farmers, their families, and their communities. Partners include governments of cocoa-producing countries, the U.S. government, EU Parliament, research institutes, non-governmental organizations, universities, philanthropic foundations and international development and multilateral organizations.