Help for International Development Organizations

Are you a governmental, intergovernmental, for-profit, or non-profit/non-governmental organization that works internationally in the field of humanitarian or development assistance?  We can help you plan for and achieve new kinds and levels of impact, find and engage new partners, and leverage new resources.

Insights in Action’s main areas of consulting expertise and service related to international development issues and actors  are:

  • Guidance and technical support for strategic planning, fostering innovation, and resource development
  • Training and technical support for international public-private partnerships and alliances
  • Subcontracting to USAID prime contractors for technical assistance around 1) creation and management of partnerships and alliances and 2)  meeting and training design and facilitation/delivery

To this work, Insights in Action brings:

  • Decades of first-hand experience working in and with NGOs, donor organizations, and development assistance contractors
  • Varied and deep experience, much of it pioneering, with public-private partnerships that advance international development objectives
  • Exceptional depth of experience in South, East and Southeast Asia
  • Substantive expertise in a variety of fields, including refugees and migration, women in development, human rights, renewable energy, and ICT for development
  • A flair for coordinating planning for and facilitating international, multi-cultural meetings and for designing and delivering face-to-face and online training programs

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Featured Client

The World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) promotes a sustainable cocoa economy through economic & social development and environmental stewardship in cocoa-growing communities. Its more than 100 member companies represent 80% of the global cocoa market.

WCF partners to maximize benefit to farmers, their families, and their communities. Partners include governments of cocoa-producing countries, the U.S. government, EU Parliament, research institutes, non-governmental organizations, universities, philanthropic foundations and international development and multilateral organizations.