Help for Transformational Nonprofits and Donors

Are you a nonprofit organization or funder that is committed to transforming the world by joining outer work to alleviate suffering with  inner contemplative work that gives rise to greater mindfulness,  compassion, and a vibrant living awareness of interdependence and Oneness?  We share that commitment and would love to work with you.

We believe that the modern world’s most significant problems can’t be “solved;” they can only be outgrown.  For this reason, it is vital to join the outer work of taking responsibility for each other and our world with the inner work of personal disarmament and cultivation of peace, wisdom and compassion in one’s own being.  We support organizations that are breaking new ground in integrating inner and outer work in their programs and workplaces by helping them:

  • Change the way they perceive and approach complex and tenacious societal problems and address their deep roots
  • Infuse their activities and relationships with universal spiritual perspectives and contemplative methods
  • Examine how truly transformational work calls for shedding some of the assumptions and mindsets of conventional grantmaking and nonprofit planning and management and explore alternatives that are no less professional but that are more appropriate and conducive to this work
  • Shake off scarcity thinking and wake up to abundance in ways that transform how they engage people and attract the resources as needed

To work with transformational organizations, Insights in Action brings:

  • Experience working with organizations that combine contemplative practice with engagement in the world
  • Innovative thinking and tools for transforming nonprofit planning and management in ways that better balance and harmonize inner and outer work
  • The fruits of her own contemplative practice, which help her work more mindfully and compassionately and which include a deep respect for all forms of contemplative practice and inner work

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The World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) promotes a sustainable cocoa economy through economic & social development and environmental stewardship in cocoa-growing communities. Its more than 100 member companies represent 80% of the global cocoa market.

WCF partners to maximize benefit to farmers, their families, and their communities. Partners include governments of cocoa-producing countries, the U.S. government, EU Parliament, research institutes, non-governmental organizations, universities, philanthropic foundations and international development and multilateral organizations.