A sampling of testimonials follows.  For Deborah McGlauflin’s professional bio, along with more references and endorsements, please visit her full profile on LinkedIn (dmcglauflin).

 Lori Forman, Ph.D., Professor, Asia Pacific Center for Security Studies:

“I first hired Debbi McGlauflin during my tenure as Director of the Japan Program at The Nature Conservancy. Debbi’s unique understanding of Asian institutions — corporations, government and non-profits, helped define our strategic plans, set our goals and determine our staffing needs. Shortly after I was sworn in as Assistant Administrator of USAID’s Bureau for Asia and Near East, USAID launched the Global Development Alliance initiative. Debbi was hired by the Bureau and the GDA Secretariat to apply her skills to rapidly advancing this initiative in Asia, and she generated amazing results for the Agency

At Microsoft, many of the Community Affairs managers hold this position on top of other jobs, and as such may not come with extensive experience in community work. Debbi completed at least 12 consulting contracts for Microsoft ranging from orientation programs, to project development, to grant review. Her work is of the highest quality of any consultant, always on time, and always cheerfully delivered. She brings not only years of experience, but also stays abreast of the constantly evolving landscape of public private partnerships to help deliver high-quality, innovative and results-oriented projects for the team. Ratings of her work following each exercise are at the top of the charts, including open-ended comments like “best facilitator ever” and “How soon can Debbi come back?” Debbi also maintains the highest integrity in her work, being candid with those who retain her in the most constructive ways. If Plan A would buy short-term happiness, but cause problems in the mid- to long-term, Debbi will share this analysis and help decision-makers come to the best conclusions for them. Although a fantastic facilitator who could be employed 365 days a year only in that role, Debbi’s strengths in strategic planning and project design are the elements we value most. I highly recommend Debbi for any work which needs these skills, looks to link various sectors together, and particularly if doing all of the above in cross-cultural settings.”

Thomas Buck, Deputy Director, SSG Advisor:

“Debbi is a first-class trainer who combines highly valued knowledge and understanding of complex material with well-honed skills as a presenter and designer. Debbi is a tremendous team player and listens carefully to input from all directions, while also understanding client needs even as they change on the fly. I look forward to working with Debbi again at the earliest opportunity.”

Alan Williams, Deputy Executive Director, NAFSA: Association of International Educators

“Debbi has been a dream to work with. We needed a proposal writer for a (very) quick turnaround on a Commerce Dept. grant and Debbi stepped up and delivered an incredible proposal in record time. Her combination of strategic guidance, insight, knowledge of the Federal government funding process, superb writing skills and collaborative style made this a very easy process for us. I hope to use her again in differing capacities (I had previously participated in a strategic training she delivered at a previous employer). I would recommend Debbi highly for her training, fundraising and strategic consulting capabilities…a true professional.”

 Judith Brown Meyers, Ph.D., Board Trustee at World Learning

“Deborah McGlauflin is a superb manager of non-profit development, evaluation and strategic planning at many organizational levels and throughout the world. She is extremely personable, easy to work with and always manifests a high degree of integirity. Her commitment to a project extends well beyond the mandate of her contract. In addition to managing the details of a capital or fundraising campaign, Debbi provides expert advice at the highest level of project planning. She is also an able facilitator who can bring out the best in diverse groups. I’ve enjoyed and been inspired by working with Debbi for over 6 years.”



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